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Hentai X Shemales Review

Review Added: 2015-12-27
Updated on: 2022-03-06

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  • 7 Minutes
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  • 210+
  • 12 Images
  • Yes
  • Yes


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Site introduction


If you are a Hentai fan and also happen to love transsexuals or dick girls as they are often called in this niche then Hentai X Shemales is a site to consider.  The site has a large amount of content consisting of mostly photo Hentai sets but also some video clips as well.    I am not a die hard Hentai fan but I do love this type of art and if I could draw like the artwork you see in this review, well I probably doing that as my full time job instead.

Hentai X Shemales is updated every single day(though I believe on rotation) usually with a photoset and occasionally a video as well.  You should be aware that the site is mainly photos and though the site does have videos I would say it is not the focus.  You also get access to a huge network of Hentai porn including Manga Database that also happens to hvae a nice dick girls (shemale) section.

Access to Hentai X Shemales gives you the following sites as a bonus:

  • Manga Database - Mostly Girl Manga But Also Some Dickgirl Manga
  • Hentai Movies - General Hentai Movies and Photos
  • Hentai Cinema - More Hentai Movies and Photos
  • Hentai Games
  • 3D Super Models - 3D Adult Porn Cartoons
  • Comic Database - Fun Porn Comics
  • Flash Games
  • Hentai Sugars - More Hentai Videos and Images
  • Gay Hentai Exposed
  • Hentai Tube X - More Videos

As you can see access to the site gives you a wide range of Hentai and Cartoon porn to enjoy.  This type of content is for adults only.

The Videos

Hentai X Shemales mostly features photosets but they do have a number of videos for you to enjoy.  There does not seem to be many full movies but instead a number of clips that range from as small as 2 minutes but some are up around the 15 minute mark. Some of the videos are also censored, not all but when it comes to Hentai porn in Japan that content often has what we call a Mosaic which blurs the naughty parts.  You can download all the videos to your computer via MP4 or view the movie online using the streaming player.

The Photos

The artwork above in this reveiw should give you an idea on what to expect inside the site.  Each gallery has about 10 to 20 images and you can view the images online by clicking the thumbnails or using the slideshow player.  You also can download the image sets directly to your computer.  Most of the sets consists of many different scenes however there are some sets that stick to a storyline.  Once in a while you will see an image that has been in a previous set as well.


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Special Features

  • Access To A Hentai Porn Network
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I love Hentai artwork and I love shemales so putting them together is a great idea.  Normally, in the Hentai niche they call shemales Dick Girls but whatever you want to call them they are certainly hot.  Some amazing artists deliver some high quality content and access to a network of Hentai Porn is a great bonus.  I will admit the site's main focus seems to be photos as the video selection is limited.  Hentai Shemale Porn isn't the easiest thing to find and though this site could use a little work, I still think it has some nice content to check out.

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