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Tips To Use This Site

Welcome To  This section is to help you get the most out of using this site to help you find the best tgirl adult site for you.  I am a tgirl fan and am also a member of every transsexual site that I have reviewed.  I will also keep my eye on the porn sites out there that I have reviewed in order to provide useful updates.

Here are some useful tips for using this site that I hope you will find useful:

  1. The home page lists the site of the week, then the three most recent added reviews and then the rest of the reviews from top rated to lowest rated.
  2. The Tgirl Site Of The Week often has custom deals and so do many of the sites connected to the reviews.  Make sure to use the links within the reviews to get the best deals.
  3. The categories are to help you narrow down your interest. For instance if you are a fan of Asian Ladyboys you can then click on that category and you will see sites only with Asian Ladyboys. I broke down each category into two sections. 1. My personal picks based on the category and then 2. Other sites that are not my personal favorites but still contain the category content.  My top picks might not be your top picks but I hope it helps you decide.
  4. I have included a Join Tips Section that can give you some tips for when you actually decide to join an adult tgirl site.
  5. Special Discounts will be available on some site reviews.  This does not mean the site is cheaper in content. It means I have worked out deals with a Paysite Owner to give you a better deal just from us!
  6. The Review link in the navigation shows top rated to lowest rated as well. Also the video link button will just show the video thumbs of each review.
  7. There is many ways to contact me and ask questions.  Also each review has a comment section at the end of the review and finally there is a Contact Us page in the top links.  I would love to hear from you, questions about the sites, transsexuals, comments and anything else tgirl related.   They can be positive or negative comments but please try to keep it clean.
  8. Each thumbnail image on the home page and categories has two links.  The visit site link goes directly to the preview of the actually porn site.  The Review link takes you to my personal review of the site featuring images, videos, ratings and of course the review.  Of Course within the review there are links to preview the site in question.
  9. There is a pornstar model section that will focus more on the models that happen to have solo sites.  It will not be a huge model database.  However, if you are looking for a bigger model database then please visit my sister site

Thank you so much for stopping by my site and I hope these tips help you out.