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Dmitrys Futa Review

Review Added: 2015-11-19
Updated on: 2015-11-19

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Site introduction

I have always enjoyed the mixture of Hentai Toons with the world of Transsexuals and over at Dmitrys Futa you have some of the best drawings I have ever seen.  Dmitry is a very skilled artist and I am sure if I could draw with his skill I would be creating these works of art as much as I could.  Dmitry is not only gifted with his drawing but he really seems to understand what turns us on as transsexual fans and he has a wide mix of images that are sure to suit to many differnet people and niches.

In the Hentai World transseuxals are usually called Dick Girls and this kind of work is known by many names such as Futa, Hentai, Manga, Anime or just simply saying shemale cartoons.  Whatever you want to call Dmitry is one of the best artists I have ever seen that focuses on these lovely girls with special surprises.

You have many options when joining this site including a network option that gives you many more sites with more Hentai type artwork and it is all stunning, but you can also just join this site without the network option, check out the join section for more details on that.

The Videos

Well as amazing as it would be to see all these Futa Girls come to life on the big screen I am afraid this site is strictly images.

The Photos

As mentioned above Dmitrys Futa is strictly amazing images drawn by this incredible artist.  It takes time to create these masterpieces so do not expect hundreds of images per scene.  In fact many of the images are just one image but they are always just amazing and he does update 3 to 4 times a month.  Dmitry has got some serious skills on putting these girls in all sorts of amazing backgrounds and he just loves to draw sexy bodies, big cocks and giant cumshots.  Many of the photos also have a story to go along with them which is also quite fun and you also have the option to view many of the images wiithout the cock or cumshot.  Perhaps you want to put his photos on your desktop but don't want to show the world she has a big cock.

The Site Features Many Types Of Content Including But Not Limited To:

  • Schoolgirls
  • Domination
  • Techie Future Scenes
  • Maids, Nurses, Other Hot Outfits
  • Bondage
  • Groups Of Girls
  • Gangbangs
  • Gloryholes
  • Giant Cumshots
  • Hardcore
  • Sexy Girl Monsters, Aliens, Fantasy
  • Blowjobs
  • So Much More


  • Just Stunning Skilled Artwork
  • Good Price
  • Network Access Option For More Hentai Porn
  • Updates 3 or 4 Times a Month
  • No Cock Version Of Many Of The Images


  • No Videos

Special Features

  • Can Join Network Of Hentai Artwork Sites
  • Stories Of Many Images
  • No Dick And Cumshot Version Of Many Images


Dmitrys Futa in my opinion has some of the best artwork for Transsexual Hentai Futa I have ever seen.  The skills of this artist to show us some of the sexiest toons with big girl cocks is just amazing and he really seems to know exactly how to push those buttons of the Transsexual fan.  I actually wish I could turn myself into a Hentai toon and enjoy some of these sexy girls or have them come to life and visit me in my bedroom, that is how incredible the drawings are. The site still updates on a regular basis and if you need more Hentai artwork then make sure to check out the Network option.

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