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Zoe Fuck Puppet Review

Review Added: 2015-10-27
Updated on: 2015-11-04

Video content

  • 130+
  • 12 Minutes
  • MP4,WMV
  • Yes

Photo content

  • 175+
  • 70 Images
  • Yes
  • Yes


  • Videos Only
  • None
  • 0
  • Some

Overall score

  • 70%
  • 73%
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  • Final Score: 66%
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Site introduction

I often find independently run, solo Tranny sites to be much more sexually charged than their mega-site cousins. Mostly this is because solo sites have so much more to gain (and to lose) by acquiring and keeping members which is the bread and butter of any good porn pay-site. Unfortunately, it is often times more difficult for these smaller sites to provide good quality content and decent bandwidth due to the high production costs of both. With ZoeFuckPuppet, you get the best of both worlds in a site that has the look and feel of an independently run site but the backing of a major production company which makes everyone a winner.

ZoeFuckPuppet is the website of English Crossdress 'Zoe' who describes herself as suffering from 'chronic nymphomania,' for a large portion of her life. Now, I honestly don't know if she's saying this as a 'publicity stunt' or if she really is a nymphomaniac, but one thing is certain, this Crossdress loves having sex and has A LOT of it! Zoe is all things to all people, Mistress, Slave, Top, Bottom, Sexy, Slutty... whatever your fantasy, there's a good chance you'll see it played out right before your eyes at ZoeFuckPuppet. As her name suggests, Zoe is never one to turn down a good fuck session!

Zoe herself is quite stunning and obviously puts some time into staying in shape... which is probably a must when you're constantly fucking like a bunny :). She is able to change her look seamlessly depending on the particular photoset or video shoot she is doing by using a never ending combination of outfits, make-up, and hairstyles. I would describe Zoe's natural look as something between trampy and vampy with lots of black outfits and bold jewelry statements. Her signature blue eye shadow and bright red lipstick also add a slutty look and feel to the site... as if she needed any help in that area!

UPDATE:  Zoe Fuck Puppet site has not been updated for quite some time now.  She has a nice selection of harder to find movies so I still think joining for one month is a good option but I might pass on signing up for any multiple month deals.  Join for the month, download and the content and then move on to something else.  If she starts to update again I will let everyone know.

The Videos

Zoe Fuck Puppet has some great videos mostly because it is harder to find content.  You do not see a lot of the amateur shemale stuff laid out in a site like this very often.  Zoe is a total slut and loves cock and so do all her friends that stop by which makes her fun to watch.  Surely, not for everyone but for those that like it nasty and almost seems more real then those big porn production movies.

The movies are a little older and are not available in High Defintion format.  You can download each scene in either MP4 or WMV format or watch the videos online.  They are also a little smaller in frame size as well, you do not have the big 1280 by 720 pixel tight movies but as I said above the rare content I can look past it.  Watching her slut out with her friends is priceless and I do wish she would come back and start updating again.

The videos include but are not limited to the following types of content:

  • Group Sex
  • Cumshots
  • Bukkake
  • Facials
  • Anal
  • Hardcore
  • Lesbians
  • Blowjobs
  • Role-play
  • Outfits - Sissy, Maid, Corsets etc..
  • Domination
  • Sex with Gender Girls
  • Strap-on
  • Toys, Dildos
  • Stroking
  • Latex
  • Bondage, Submission
  • Much More

The Photos

The Photo Section is made up of three thumbnails which preview the gallery and links to a full thumbnail gallery or a ZIP file. I would recommend using the ZIP file choice since the thumbnail gallery is a little tedious to work with. Clicking on a thumbnail leads to a larger picture which opens in a new browser window and must be closed to view another picture. When you're trying to browse through hundreds of pictures, this gets overly tedious so better just to use Windows to view the pictures directly from your hard drive after extracting the ZIP files.

Photos are good in quality... again, the newer photo-sets are higher quality and better shot than Zoe's older work but all photos were decent enough to be enjoyable and cover PLENTY of action.


  • Harder to find amateur shemale content
  • Hot Dirty Movies
  • Email Zoe


  • Not Updating
  • No High Definition
  • No Full Mobile

Special Features

  • Store Favorites
  • Rate and Comment on Content
  • Forums


Although missing some basic design elements (short descriptions of videos, etc.), ZoeFuckPuppet is a well put together site which revolves around Zoe herself, which is how a good solo site should be. Those browsers looking for a no-frills independent site to join with plenty of kinky sex will find ZoeFuckPuppet to be an appealing option. The main draw to ZoeFuckPuppet (besides Zoe herself) is the sheer wealth in variety of content you'll find on the site... Zoe on female, female on Zoe, Zoe on Crossdress, Crossdress on Zoe, Zoe on Male, Male on Zoe... you get the point? ZoeFuckPuppet is a 'no-holes-barred' type site in which the sex is kinky and the main model, even kinkier.

Zoe has successfully branded herself as a true crossdressing Slut and makes no apologies. She enjoys sex and isn't ashamed to show it. As far as independently operated sites go, ZoeFuckPuppet is among the best out there and the site benefits greatly from the backing of BluePixel. However, as mentioned above she no longer updates so I will keep the joining of her site limited to just one month, still not a bad deal to get in and grab the content but no sense in staying until the updates begin again, that is if they ever do.

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