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LB Girlfriends Review

Review Added: 2015-06-06
Updated on: 2019-11-18

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  • 60 Images
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Site introduction

Update: Been told by the owners that LB Girlfriends will be closed.  All links on this review will go to Ladyboy Gold as a nice alternative.

This is another hot site inside of the Ladyboy Gold Network which means you get this site plus 7 other sexy Asian Transsexual sites!  LB Girlfriends has an amateur flow to it and instead of high end productions you have more real day to day fun with these sexy Ladyboys.  There are lots of candids of the girls working at their bars, in the malls, at home, and even some fun ladyboy dates where the guy takes her swimming, dinner and more. 

You are not going to get the crisp photography or videos on this site as everything is done on the fly but the content is still hot and for those that enjoy the more amateur real life porn it is a great site.  Also since you get access to sites like Ladyboy Gold with your membership you can easily jump over to if you are in need of more professional productions.  Also take note this site isn't just fun photos and videos of the girls.  There is a lot of hardcore as well with bareback fucking, blowjobs, cumshots and much more.  Basically just imagine you had a video camera with you when you went to Thailand and you videotaped your sexual adventures and day to day experiences with the Ladyboys and you have the basics of this site!

The Videos

LB Girlfriends has a lot of videos for you to enjoy.  Much like the photos they are more amateur when compared to the  sister site Ladyboy Gold but they are still a lot of fun.  There is a wide range of hardcore action including bareback and cumshots.  You also get a lot of candid videos of the Ladyboys Dancing, Sucking Lollipops, Swimming, Shopping and pretty much anything else these girls do in their daily lives. 

The videos can be downloaded in High Definition of viewed online with the site streaming video player.  The movie length varies from about 5 minutes up to about 20 minutes.  Usually the hardcore films are longer and the candid fun videos are shorter in length.  The site does a great job of just giving you the feeling of the life of a Ladyboy in Thailand. Also remember that this site is part of a network Ladyboy Gold that has in total over 2200 videos.

The videos include but not limited to the following:

  • Ladyboy Hardcore (some bareback)
  • Cumshots
  • Blowjobs
  • Interviews With Ladyboy Amy
  • Showering
  • Peeing
  • Teasing Like Dancing and Licking Lollipops
  • Stroking Cock
  • Ass Play
  • Lesbian Play
  • Access To Ladyboy Gold Network With More Movies
  • Much More

The Photos

As stated above the photos range from the day to day lives of these sexy Ladyboys to the hardcore action they find themselves part of.  You will find girls playing in the shower, at the mall, on the streets and of course in the bedroom.  The photos are not high quality adding to the amateur feel of the site.  Basically the photos you see above are the quality you will find.  The range of photos per set also varies as some only have a handful while others have over 100 images. Personally I find it fun and interesting to see these girls in their normal lives but thankfully there is hardcore when I need it!  You can view the photos online or download the whole zip file to your computer.


  • Mobile Version Included
  • Access To Ladyboy Gold Network (7 sites)
  • Unique Amateur Site
  • Discount Price From Us


  • Might Be Too Amateur For Some
  • No Comments

Special Features

  • Ladyboy Travel Guides
  • Ladyboy Cartoons
  • Candids
  • Ratings
  • Access To Forum
  • Network Access Over 2200 Exclusive Videos


LB Girlfriends is not your typical professional porn site.  It has a more amateur feel to it and basically follows Ladyboys in their daily lives.  So not only do you get a lot of hardcore action but also just fun day to day activities that these fun and very sexual girls enjoy.  If you are not an amateur fan or just need a break from the action then no worries. Membership to this site gives you access to the Ladyboy Gold Network which includes more professional porn productions.  In my opinion Gold has the best network for Ladyboys on the Internet and those that join usually stick around for quite a long time.  The whole network updates every day, so you are always being introduced to a wide range of new girls and sexual action!

LB Girlfriends is a great addition to the Ladyboy Gold Network and gives the site a diverse and unique look at Ladyboys.  I would recommend this site all by itself and since you get the Ladyboy Gold Network with access the choice to check it out is obvious, just do it!

Thank you from the LB Girlfriends Review!

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