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Shemales In Public Review

Review Added: 2015-10-30
Updated on: 2018-06-04

Video content

  • 11+
  • 20 Minutes
  • MP4,WMV
  • Yes

Photo content

  • 11+
  • 100 Images
  • Yes
  • Yes


  • Yes
  • None
  • 11
  • All

Overall score

  • 75%
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  • Final Score: 55%
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Site introduction

Shemales In Public is another sexy site in the Tranny Pack Network.  The site obviously focuses on Transsexuals and having sex with them in public places.  It could be a taxi cab, bus, theatre, restaurant and other day to day places.  I like the content though you can tell the people around the hardcore shemale sex are actually just other porn actors.  However, they really are in some public places in the site and I heard that the guy shooting the video actually got caught twice by the cops and fined.

Another cool part of the site is the shemales themselves.  They are actually Argentina shemales so you probably have never seen them before.  It is a nice change to see a new set of tranny girls from time to time.  This type of action isn't for everyone but for those that like the risk of being caught in public I am sure you will enjoy the idea and content of the site.

UPDATE NOVEMBER 1st 2015:  Shemales in Public has not updated in years.  I think the site never took off and was probably difficult to shoot so the owners decided to keep it as a bonus site in the Tranny Pack Network.  The network has over 600 movies for you to enjoy but if you are looking for Public sex then this site has limited content.

Shemales In Public Includes Access To The Following:

  • Transex Bareback (86 Movies)
  • TS Latex (45 Movies)
  • TS Dolls (146 Movies)
  • Mega Cock Tranny (102 Movies)
  • Shemales In Public (11 Movies - Site Not Updated)
  • Black Shemale XXX (27 Movies)
  • Shemale Punishers (40 Movies)
  • Tranny Edge (26 Movies - Site Does Not Update)
  • TS Kink (41 Movies)
  • All American Trannies (11 Movies - Site Does Not Update)
  • TS Pantyhose (88 Movies)
  • Oiled Up Shemales (25 Movies)

The Videos

he videos are shot in various locations from Taxi cabs to Parking Lots.  The video quality is pretty good considering they cameraman can't always use all his lighting equipment in areas such as the back seat of a cab or the back part of a local store.  You can download the videos in High Definition or two lower quality formats.  You also have the option to download the film in mobile phone format or just watch the film online using their Flash Player.

The videos are usually about 15 minutes on average and as stated before feature Argentina girls which is a fresh change and look, these girls are pretty hot.

The videos consist but not limited to the following types of action:

  • Public Sex
  • Sex in Back Seat of Car, Bus
  • Sex in places like Restaurants, bathrooms, stores, parking lots, and more
  • Blowjobs
  • Cumshots
  • Hardcore Fucking

The Photos

The photos follow the movies from beginning to end and usually consist of about 150 images per set.  You can download the whole set to a zip file on your computer, watch them online by clicking on thumbnails and finally using the slide show feature in the member area.  


  • Good Movies
  • Access to 11 Bonus Sites
  • Discount Price From Us


  • Network Updates But This Site Does Not
  • Not Much Content

Special Features

  • 11 Bonus Sites
  • Comment and Rate Content
  • Model Database
  • Mobile Version
  • Bonus Video Section


I really do like the concept of Shemales In Public.  The thrill of being caught having sex in public places is a big turn on for many people including myself, throw a shemale in there and it even makes the risk more exciting.  I will admit some of the action looks a little staged but if you can use your imagination it still brings the point across.

I really enjoy the shemales from Argentina, very nice to get out of Brazil for a little while and see some different tgirls in South America.  Unfortunately' this site has not been updated in quite some time.  The network that the site belongs to does update but I think Public is a bit of a lost cause.  Perhaps it was just too hard for the producers to shoot the content.  In any case you might be disappointed in the amount of content if you join the network for this site alone.

Thankfully you get access to 11 other tranny sites and they have other Kinkier sites in the mix for you to enjoy. I would consider Shemales In Public a bonus site to the overall Tranny Pack Network but it is not worth just joining the network if you are only interested in this site by itself.  It has not been updated in years and I expect it will never be.

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